Fem Graff Exhibition opens at the Lollipop Gallery

On Friday the newest exhibition Fem Graff opened at the Lollipop Gallery and yesterday LondonCallingBlog made a visit to what proved to be an excellent group show curated by the Lollipop Gallery. The focus of the show was on female street artists, bringing together 8 artists, from both the UK and abroad. The show brought to my attention 3 artists I was unfamiliar with and 5 of which I have been fortunate enough to see works from on the streets of London, with artists Amara Por Dios, Zabou & Saki & Bitches all being regular contributors to the streets of East London and all have works currently on display in the areas around the Lollipop Gallery. Here is a selection of the pieces on display:


‘Alleluia’ – Spray Paint & Gold Leaf on Canvas by Zabou.


‘Alleluia’ as seen on one of the sheds formerly on display in Camden Lock Market.


Pair of Canvases and a painted Chest of Drawers from London based Swedish artist Amara Por Dios. These 2 canvas pieces were my favourite of the exhibition.


 ‘Raiz’ – Spray Paint On Canvas by Amara Por Dios.


‘Cielo’ – Spray Paint On Canvas by Amara Por Dios.


 ‘Wandering Stars’ – Oil & Acrylic on Canvas by Vanessa Longchamp.


‘Tokyo Lady Chatterley’ – Acrylic & Spray Paint with Ink on Paper by Saki & Bitches.

I really liked how Saki & Bitches presented 3 pieces like this in the style of traditional Japanese hanging scrolls. It was also interesting to see how this street artist was less restricted in subject matter when not presenting her work in public.


‘Woman with Red Hair’ – Acrylic & Spray Paint with Ink on Paper by Saki & Bitches.

 Here I like how Saki & Bitches has incorporated ‘The Great Wave’ by Hokusai into the hair.


 As you head downstairs you are struck by this huge installation piece from Amara Por Dios, It’s worth visiting to see this alone.


Once downstairs Amara Por Dios also has a second installation piece in the exhibition. entitled ‘Eye See You’.


‘Money Girl’ – Spray Paint & Markers on Wood Board by Victoriano.

Here I was impressed with the genuine street art effect created with the money bills looking like bricks and the hair having that flaking paint effect seen when a piece has been exposed outside to the elements for some time. Despite being in a frame it looks as if it was on a wall.


‘Liquorice Allsorts’ – Spray Paint & Acrylic on Canvas by Vinie Graffiti.

French artist Vinie Graffiti’s style pays homage to her days when she started out painting tags. In her work she incorporates a form of her colourful tag name into the hair and other features of her subjects.


‘Nina’ – Spray Paint & Acrylic on Canvas by Vinie Graffiti.


Upon exiting the Lollipop Gallery if you turn left and walk for 2 minutes until you reach a little courtyard, this magnificent piece from Vinie Graffiti can be seen. I believe this is currently her only piece on display on the streets of London. Street artist Fan HC has also recently added his own touch to the piece with the addition of some musical notes in his trademark style.


‘Self Portrait’ – Spray Paint on Canvas by Zabou.

This piece is currently the feature piece for the gallery and can only be seen when the gallery is closed, as it is on its shutter.


 Zabou’s Self Portrait on the Lollipop Gallery shutter.


 ‘Paint War’ – Spray Paint On Canvas by Zabou.


Close up of 1 of the 3 Canvases.


‘Paint War’ by Zabou currently on Hackney Road at the Shoreditch end of the Road.


‘Seeing It Al For The First Time’ – Acrylic, Stencil & Spray Paint on Canvas by Amanda Marie.

P1410412‘DJ Rashad’ – Acrylic on Canvas by Ashes 57.

The Fem Graf exhibition runs until February 22nd. Don’t miss it. The Lollipop Gallery is located at 58 Commercial Street, E1 6LT.