New Lost Souls Crew Mural in Shoreditch

On Friday afternoon as i was just finishing my wanderings around Shoreditch looking for any potential new street art when I turned into Blackall Street and was greeted with The Lost Souls Crew working on their newest collaborative mural. This made my weekend, what a friendly group of talented artists who were more than happy to let me interrupt their work and take photos of the work developing. The Lost Souls Crew comprise SPzero76, Captain Kris, Si Mitchell & Squirl, all of whom paint individually but whenever get the chance seem to enjoy meeting up and working together. The Lost Souls Crew murals are always fun featuring their myriad cast of characters and this is the fifth one I have been fortunate to see in London. Two more Lost Souls Crew murals can be seen in my Street Art Guide To Camden Town post (covered here). Despite the cold weather the four artists were in fine spirits working on their respective pieces and offering advice as well as helping fill in the gaps between the works.


This piece was the brainchild of Squirl who was kind enough to explain to me the idea behind this piece. The piece was inspired by the Japanese horror genre with Squirl’s little character originally meant to be a ghost hunter searching for ghosts and being confronted by the myriad characters in front of her in the dark. However the idea was then turned on its head and adapted so that the original ghost hunter was in fact the ghost, with the white only colouring and the ghosts and ghouls in this world are the real inhabitants, full of colour and life. The guys were off to paint at the Foundry in Camden Stables Market that night and as the dark drew in, the remainder of the mural was to be completed Saturday morning, but was certainly worth the effort of returning the next day to see the completed piece. Thanks to all members of The Lost Souls Crew for a fun afternoon witnessing great street art being made, it was a pleasure. I for one look forward to seeing future pieces from these guys.


Squirl working on his ghost girl.


Si Mitchell at work.


Captain Kris at work.


SPzero76 working on one of his two characters in this piece. This character was inspired by the original Ghostbusters cartoon and Scooby Doo.



SPzero76 at work on his second character in this piece.


Close up of the first of SPZero76’s characters.

Now for the completed work. I love how the piece inspired by Japanese horror also reads right to left as in Japanese narrative and literature. Unfortunately due to the very narrow nature of the street this piece was created it is impossible to get a clear picture of the whole piece so I will present the elements as best I can from right to left. Enjoy.







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