New Mr Cenz Piece at Make Space Studios

This last Thursday street artist Mr Cenz added what is by my count his fifth piece to London’s streets this year, his most recent two I reported on last week (covered here). Mr Cenz’s latest piece is on one of the walls at the Make Space Studios near Lambeth North Underground Station. Here you will find a total of a dozen pieces from artists including Trust Icon, Dirty 30 & Corps, which will be the subject of a post in the not to distant future, but for now we are focused on this recent addition from Mr Cenz. It’s a lovely piece in very light colours compared to the majority of works I have been fortunate enough to see in the last year and it stands out in my mind for it. Another great work from a great artist who has so far proved himself to be the most proactive street artist in London during this cold spell and quiet time. Head along and see this piece if you can and the others at the studios, you are also a short 2-3 minute walk from the Leake Street Tunnel which is worth a visit also.




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