New Airborne Mark Street Art around London

Next up we are taking a look at a series of eight artworks placed up during 2022 by street artist Airborne Mark. We know that this artist has painted 16 pieces this year so we have been lucky to see half of his output over the last 12 months, of which we have a mixture of works painted across East and South London. Airborne Mark’s key focus in his art is origami, allowing him the chance to work his case studies in light and shadow through his favoured paper platforms. Of which he folds virtually all of his own reference models before photographing them and then ultimately painting them. Airborne Mark really is a one man production line. This year there has been an additional accompaniment to his paper models, namely stationery in the form of paper clips, drawing pins, bulldog clips etc. This has led for some very interesting works that so naturally fit into the realm of paper whilst simultaneously allowing the artist to paint different structures and surfaces.

The works below in Penge and Stratford were placed up with support from ourselves London Calling Blog for our community mural project SprayExhibition20. We of course wish to say a big thank you to each of the respective generous space owners, who kindly donated a spot and trusted us to work it.  As well as a massive thank you to Airborne Mark for supporting the community initiatives we involve ourselves with from day one and for always leaving such a captivating series of artworks in the process.


Work in Allen Gardens, Brick Lane.


Work for Valentine’s Day in Allen Gardens, Brick Lane.

Work at the Penge Rooftop Gallery, Penge,

Work at the Penge Rooftop Gallery, Penge,

Work on Celebration Avenue, Stratford.

Work at the Penge Rooftop Gallery, Penge,



Work for Halloween at the Penge Rooftop Gallery, Penge,


Work in Parish Lane, Penge.

You can view some of Airborne Mark’s Youtube videos from the walls we have worked on together this year below:

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