New Sr. X Street Art in Forest Hill

Next up in our nearly complete long run of catching up with what we have been up to in our corner of South-East London over the recent few months we are taking a look at an amazing work from street artist Sr. X placed up earlier in the Forest Hill over the summer for our SprayExhibition20 community street art project. Through his work Sr. X  sets to subvert social convention and traditional ideals with those all so humorous and at times dark twists that are very much exemplify Sr. X’s sense of sharp wit and fun, criticizing the over-abundance of pop culture and values it sets to install on society from above. All presented in that vintage style taken from 1950’s advertisements and imagery Sr. X’s work takes a look at vanity within society and offers a sarcastic take on the way in which commodity culture is ingrained within the popular sphere and how this can for many define ones’ self-worth. But it isn’t all just social commentary and critique what makes Sr. X’s output so unique it is also that his message is so often infused with that rather surreal and anarchic twist on old-fashioned values that is so fun and pure Sr. X.

For this work titled Sr. X not only painted a fantastic artwork, but he has once again demonstrated his ability to utilise a space superbly, something this artist has consistently done while working with ourselves – especially over the last year with this being the third anamorphic work Sr. X has placed up in South-East London. Taking on this narrow alleyway Sr. X’s amazing 3D anamorphic work really pops off the wall and utilises the space in a way few artists could of. Absolutely first class.

We would like to offer a big thank you to the space owner for allowing us to find an artist to transform their property. As well as a massive thank you to Sr. X for taking on such an awkward space and for leaving such a fantastic artwork for us to enjoy in the process. This superb work can be found along Mayow Road, Forest Hill, and was put up with support from ourselves London Calling Blog.







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