New 7th Pencil Street Art in Penge

For this post we are taking a look at recent addition to Penge by Oxford based stencil artist 7th Pencil for our SprayExhibition20 community street art project around Penge and Anerley. This beautiful artwork makes for the first time we have got to see this artists work in person and the first time they have painted a spot around SE20. It’s always a pleasure to have someone new visit and paint in our hometown for ourselves and the locals to admire. Definitely a striking piece, also set to a lovely colour palette, this work explores the changes we can have emotionally and how other people perceive us.

We would like to offer a big thank you to the space owner for allowing us to find an artist to transform their property. As well as a massive thank you to 7th Pencil for coming by to support this initiative and for leaving such a fantastic artwork for us to enjoy in the process. This lovely work can be found in Secret Penge and was put up with support from ourselves London Calling Blog.







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