New Fidget Street Art in Penge

Next up we are playing catch-up with a fantastic and relatively recent piece by Graffiti Writer Fidget, placed up in Penge last month for our SprayExhibition20 Community Street Art Project. This works makes for the first time Fidget has painted for our project around SE20. We are well acquainted with Fidget’s funky letter works and characters, this is however the first time we have seen a female subect for this artist’s portraiture. The subject maintains the key style and features prevalent in his character works, most notably of which are the pink overtones on the key facial features of the eyes, nose and ears. A lovely addition to the centre of Penge.

We would like to offer a big thank you to the space owner for allowing us to find an artist to transform their property. As well as a massive thank you to Fidget for coming by to support this initiative and for leaving such a fantastic artwork in the process. This fantastic work can be found in Penge High Street and was put up with support from ourselves London Calling Blog for SprayExhibition20. 







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