New ATM & Jacqueline de Montaigne Street Art in Greenwich

Last week saw English Street Artist ATM and Portuguese Street Artist Jacqueline de Montaigne take to Greenwich paint a beautiful collaboration ahead of the joint exhibition Even Nature has its Price at the nearby Ben Oakley Gallery. Certainly a striking artwork fusing both the artists respective styles harmoniously. It’s also always exciting for us when you see Street Art in residential streets somewhat off the beaten track, such is the case with this lovely delicate work which really injects some character into this street. This fantastic work can be found on Maidenstone Hill, Greenwich, and was put up wirh support from Ben Oakley Gallery. The Even Nature has its Price exhibition is on at the Ben Oakley Gallery at 9 Turpin Lane, Greenwich, and runs until 31/10/21.

Detail of work by ATM.

Detail of work by J de Montaigne.

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