New FIYA101 & Hcaur Graffiti Collaboration ‘Smoke n Mirrors’ in South London

A few weeks back saw Graffiti Writers Fiya101 & Hcaur take to some large-scale railway arches in East London to leave this superb collaborative piece that fuses the two artists works fantastically. The work features Hcaur on the letter work and Fiya101 on the monkey. The work is titled Smoke n Mirrors so Hcaur wrote ‘Smoke’ in his distinctive typographical style and Fiya101 painted the monkey reflected in the mirror in the bottom right corner, all presented in a beautiful understated grey-scale monochromatic colour scheme.


Work by Fiya101 & Hcaur.




Detail of work by Fiya101.


Detail of work by Hcaur.


Detail of work by Hcaur.



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