New Woskerski Street Art in Shoreditch

On our recent trip to Shoreditch we were treated to a pair of fresh works from Polish born, but London based, Street Artist and Graffiti Writer, Woskerski. Certainly one of London’s most prolific artists, this person is now stranger to leaving his work around Brick Lane and Shoreditch. So it was no surprise, but always a pleasant treat, to stumble across two fresh drops from Woskerski – which amply demonstrate the diverse range of subjects in this artist’s repertoire.


Work in Redchurch Street, Shoreditch, on a wall now routinely worked by this artist, and in this instance continuing with a theme recently entering into this artists extensive repertoire, namely that of the hand popping out from behind the curtain brandishing one item or another. In this instance set holding a paint roller daubed in pink paint having just posited the question ‘What !?? ‘on the curtain. 





Work in Corbet Place, Brick Lane, offering some funky letters, of which it’s now been some time since we spied a letter piece from this artist.

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