New Wild Drawing Street Art in Penge

Here we are to share an absolutely incredible addition to the flourishing open air gallery around Penge  Balinese born, but Greek based, 3D Street Artist Wild Drawing. The work in question is located along Parish Lane on a spot different in shape, profile and viewing approach than any spot previously painted with a mural about town and we have to say Wild Drawing has made exemplary use of the space in question. This wall was painted on a brief visit to London by the artist, marking his first painting in London and one we are so excited that Penge got to host. This wall we would like to note was also a small wall for this particular artist who travels the globe painting spaces vastly bigger than this as standard, spending a mere 3 days on this little number.

The work features a Mermaid as its core subject and is inspired by a design Wild Drawing placed up in Paris in 2016 featuring a Merman and through the generous use of the owner who allowed the artist to paint the front wall of the premise also Wild Drawing was able to generate the 3D effect which defines so much of his captivating output. One other feature of this artist’s work which stands out is his ability to make the scenes he creates tie in with the immediate environment, as exemplified by the addition of the pillars made to tie in with the Victorian window frames. This work was created through the use of a mini-roller on an extendable poll, something that requires the utmost skill and precision, a technique the artist developed back in Bali where due to lack of funding the only means of painting large spaces without access equipment was to start painting with a roller attached to bamboo poles, a technique which has certainly served the artist well and one he is very much mastered

We would as always wish to say thank you to the owner of the spot for donating a space to receive fresh artwork on their property for the whole community to enjoy and for looking after everyone whilst the work was going up. As well as a massive thank you to Street Art Atlas for going above and beyond to help make this happen. The same goes for Kevin for again selflessly pitching in when the project requires. Thank you to the Alexandra Nurseries for the extra ladders. Last and by no means least we would also like to offer a big thank you to Wild Drawing for coming down south whilst visiting London to add such an incredible piece of art to our corner of the city.


Wild Drawing at work.


Wild Drawing at work.


Wild Drawing at work.


Wild Drawing at work.


Wild Drawing at work.


Wild Drawing at work.P1210657

The stunning finished piece.

















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