New Trafik Street Art in Penge

Here we are taking a look at an absolutely stunning addition to Penge from writer and artist Trafik. Taking to Southey Street, Penge, on the corner of the High Street, which is certainly one the most prominent spots about SE20 to feature some artwork, Trafik has left a beautiful striking work for the town to enjoy. The work in question features not just an outstanding depiction of a gorilla painted to a striking black and grey-scale palette, but also makes masterful use of the environment and incorporates the walls obstacles in to the design superbly with the gorilla set holding the flowers hanging from the lamp post so it can have a smell of the flowers which are accompanied by an elegant butterfly. Beyond the first class use of the space what also commands the utmost respect with this work, however is the way Trafik painted this wall on a ladder purely with a mini-roller and some black and white paint to generate such delicate and intricate work, with layers and layers of paint and cutbacks, that patiently brought his subject and this wall to life with such a strong gentle and life-affirming energy, that matches the gentle nature of the artist. Most impressive and just captivating.

We would like to say thanks to the kind owners of Bella Luna Pizzerias for allowing us to have Trafik add something so beautiful to their property. We also would like to offer a big thanks to Trafik for coming down to add this incredibly beautiful work to the area. Massive thank you to Kevin for all the help on this one also. Lastly a big thank you to Unlawful Art for the hook up.








Works by Trafik, Dreph & Dope.


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