New Sune Nesu Street Art Around London

Last month saw London receive a visit from Mexican Street Artist Sune Nesu, who was over on his first trip to city and took the time to leave us with a trio of striking works, two of which we have had the chance to see and wish to share below. The works in question are very much influenced by the artists homeland of Mexico and the regions belief in fantasy hybrid animals, fusing species of his land and culture into colourful creations cast up on walls around the world.


Sune Nesu at work.


Work done Sune Nesu signs his work.


The vibrant finished work titled ‘Beetle’ in Secret Penge, put up with support from us London Calling Blog for SprayExhibition20. Big thank you to Spike for the hookup and Inspiring City for their help in making this happen, cheers guys.



Works by Sune Nesu and SPZero76 lurking to the side.


‘Armadillo’ in Great Eastern Street, Shoreditch.



You can learn more about Sune Nesu and his art in this post by Inspiring City.

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