New Core246, Tizer, Shucks, Lours & Cazer ‘Fantasy Forest’ Graffiti Production in Selhurst

Here we are taking a look at a work that was placed up just before the turn of the new year, but has thus far taken us this long to get some pics without any cars in the way. The work in question is a striking and funk ‘Fantasy Forest’ themed production by Core246, Tizer, Shucks, Lours and Cazer on a rather large stretch of wall in Selhurst for a new initiative we are working on with local residents and Network Rail which will soon see the entire length of a street painted, a first in London we believe. Taking to a colour scheme comprising mainly of purple, green, blue and yellow the group of writers have fused their scenery and letter works so harmoniously with this scene in front of the wall and offering a glimpse to the lands that lies beyond.

We of course have to say a massive thank you to CASSA for getting us involved on this initiative and letting us store our gear with them over the time it took to get the project started. Big thank you to the team at Network Rail for supporting such initiatives and all their help on this project and who along with CASSA trusted the artists to do what they do best by giving them free reign to do their thing. As well as a really big THANK YOU to all the writers and artists for coming down to support this initiative and for leaving such a vibrant and beautiful artwork in the process. This work can be found in Newhaven Road, Selhurst, just behind the back of Selhurst Station.


Tizer, Lours and Cazer at work.


Tizer and Cazer at work.


The fantastic vibrant Fantasy Forest Production.




Detail of work by Core246.


Detail of work by Tizer.


Detail of work by Tizer.




Detail of work by Shucks.


Detail of work by Cazer.


Detail of work by Cazer.


Detail of work by Core246.



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