New Dale Grimshaw Street Art on the Village Underground

Here we are taking a look at one of the best artworks to appear this year in London which was placed up on the Village Underground in Shoreditch by Street Artist Dale Grimshaw last month. This now marks the second time Dale Grimshaw has painted this iconic and frequently changing spot in Shoreditch – the only artist we have seen to date to be granted this space for a second occassion – with the previous work been placed up in 2016 (covered here). The work as always featuring Dale Grimshaw’s signature subject style maintaining a preference for strongly tribal subjects, all fused with that air-brushed effect that makes for such exquisite images enthused with a sense of passion and depth that is just fundamentally Dale Grimshaw. The gaze of his subjects is just so engrossing and so full of life, really always an absolute pleasure to witness. This work can be found in Holywell Lane Shoreditch, and was put up with support from Mark Hat, Monoprixx Not Banksy Forum.









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