Nomad Clan’s “We Disappear” Mural in Shoreditch

Here we wanted to take a look at what was for us the stand out work from this years cracking Meeting of Styles London 2018 event that took place some six weeks back around the Nomadic Community Gardens up Brick Lane. The work in question is this haunting and thought-provoking mural entitled ‘We Disappear’ placed up by Nomad Clan duo Aylo & CBloxx,  who stated in their social media accounts that the inspiration for this work is:

“A piece inspired by recent issues around the predatory approach of corporations who non-consensually use artists work for advertising. The mural is positioned in Shoreditch a thriving creative community which has seen mega change under the weight of gentrification for decades…lately there’s a growing amount of adverts replacing mural space, leading to creative censorship and the ongoing story of Street Art eating its own tail”.

A subject very dear to our hearts and especially so of late, but this is an important issue that increasingly has a profound effect on where Street Art can thrive and express itself without being swallowed up consumed by corporate agendas that wish to cash in on the currently fashionable nature of Street Art. So not only is this mural – as is often the case with this duo’s output – engaging and provocative in subject it is also masterfully executed. This excellent work can be found in Pedley Street, Brick Lane.


Nomad Clan at work.



The outstanding and haunting finished mural ‘We Disappear’.





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