New Balstroem & Welin Street Art Collaborations In Shoreditch.

Last month saw Danish Street Artist Balstroem return to London for the third year in a row to paint at Meeting Of Styles, and like each recent year he has visited the city he has left at least one more work in the area for us to enjoy and this year even had a fellow artist from his hometown of Copenhagen in the form of Welin. Has to be said the pair hit out a fantastic combination of collaborative works that are somewhat vastly different in their subject matters, but both equally command your attention upon passing.


Work in Great Eastern Street, Shoreditch.



Excellent work by the pair with work from Welin on the left and work from Balstroem on the right to make one of the standout works from a fantastic Meeting of Styles in London 2018 put on by EndOfTheLine.







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