New Itaewon Street Art in Penge

For this post we are taking a look at a piece by placed up by Street Artist Itaewon in Penge for our community Street Art project SprayExhibition20. For his second work placed up in Penge Abstract focused artist Itaewon took to Maple Road to paint the shutters and gate of Penge Auto Sprays just a few spaces along from where the project started some two years ago. For this recent addition to Maple Road Itaewon painted a captivating design that although abstract evokes a strong sense of a mechanical industrial and even futuristic dynamics infused through his work. We would like to say thanks to the kind team at Penge Auto Sprays in Maple Road for their support to our project, allowing us to get Itaewon to add something so beautiful to their property. We also would like to offer a big thanks to Itaewon for again coming down to SE20 in order to add another delightful addition to the town which really brightens up this road.


A blank canvas awaiting transformation.


Itaewon at work.


Itaewon at work.


Itaewon at work.


Itaewon at work.


The striking finished work.




One comment on “New Itaewon Street Art in Penge

  1. One of the best I’ve seen Steven. Relevant, abstract art – not a silly ‘My Little Pony’ cartoon. Excellent stuff. If Barry now does something about his signage, he’ll have great looking premises.


    Bernard Glazier

    Tel: 020 8659 2515

    Mob: 07932 721470


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