New Amara Por Dios Street Art in London

Last month saw Street Artist Amara Por Dios who moved back home to Sweden last year after a few years residing in London and certainly making her name for herself on the Street Art scene whilst living here. So it was with great delight that recently we have been able to spy a couple of fresh additions from Amara Por Dios in East and West London respectively. Both of her fresh London works are created very much in her distinct style, influenced by the arts of the indigenous peoples of the Americas, exemplified iwth her bright colour palette of choice. As is often the case with her work, you can see for yourself all the intricate detail that has gone in to the making up of this piece, it really does grab your attention when you walk past.


Work in Orde Hall Street, Holborn.




Fantastic work in Hanbury Street, Brick Lane, put up with support from Monoprixx.



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