New Shok-1 Street Art ‘Stolen Heart’ in Brick Lane

Here we are taking a look back at a beautiful and poignant work by Shok-1 placed up in Brick Lane ahead of Remembrance Day 2017. Reworking this spot for the fourth time we have seen in the last few years. In his works Shok-1 uses the many anatomical elements of the human body to transform and create his myriad hybrids creations that distinguish his glowing X-ray compositions. For his latest work entitled ‘Stolen Heart’, Shok-1 has hit out another incredible piece that really commands your attention upon passing depicting a human rib-cage with a section literally missing where the heart should be. As always with Shok-1 it is superbly depicted, with the colour scheme and translucent glow in this work creating an almost electric quality that really brings his creations to life, infusing them with a captivating energy.





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