New Pablo Delgado Street Art in Hackney Wick

Here we are taking a look at what we found from a wave of recent activity by Mexican born, but London based, Street Artist Pablo Delgado who since 2011 has found his own place in the Street Art world with his miniature paste-up works. The artist’s spurt of fresh output around East London see’s a collection of tiny hand painted paste-ups comprising a wide assortment of characters which are combined with his distinctive inclusion of spray painted elongated black shadows cast on the walls and pavements that his narratives are located provoking a lifelike quality to his work. To be honest we can’t recall which street these individual pieces are each respectively placed, but if you want to find these works head to Fish Island and keep your eyes peeled, they are very easy to miss and we only managed to find some 10 out of 25 we believe to have been recently placed up.

P1060333 - Copy

P1060336 - Copy



P1060330 - Copy

P1060332 - Copy

P1060339 - Copy


Certainly the most surreal work we stumbled upon.


Such a beautiful soulful scene.


The most well placed work we found with this piece being placed on the pavement and seen from above.



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