New Thisone & KOCTEL Street Art Collaborations Around London

A few weeks back saw London receive a visit from Spanish Street Artist KOCTEL who whilst over embarked on a whirlwind of activity with London based artist ThisOne, of which we have a trio of said collaborations painted around East and North London to share with you here. We do love a collaboration and this pair of artists work so well together, with the dual illustrative focus and surreal subjects of each respective artist making for a very harmonious medium reached within their works which is offset by the dark colour palette within Thisone’s works and the rich vibrant colours in KOCTEL’s scenes.


Great work in Star Yard, Brick Lane, which is additionally good to see as it is only the second working that has been placed up since the owners of this once beautiful gallery put a ban on painting.



Excellent work and our favourite of the trio of works we spotted from this pair, placed up along Bethnal Green Road, Shoreditch.


Detail of work by Thisone.


Detail of work by KOCTEL.



Work in Miller Street, Camden Town, placed up with support from Monoprixx & Not Banksy Forum.

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