New Aspire Street Art Around London

Over the last month or so Street Artist Aspire has been busy around London despite the cold weather to placed up a trio of fantastic works around South and East London, featuring in two cases his trademark depictions of birds indigenous to the UK and in the last instance a festive bat. All presented with the delicate soft effect that defines Aspire’s style – something which is certainly becoming more impressive over the year we have now become acquainted with this artists work – there is so much life and warmth in Aspire’s creations and we are sure you will agree with us when you see the delightful trio of works below.


Work placed up in Fell Road, Croydon, depicting a rather aggressive looking bat taking on the image of Christmas in this dark and superb work “Tis The Season To Be Jolly”.






Beautiful work of a pheasant in Ackroyd Drive for the Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park who facilitated this project with the support and organization of Trapped In Zone One. Certainly an awkward space and surface to paint, but a great job by Aspire nonetheless.



Aspire at work in Stockwell.


Aspire at work.


Aspire at work.


The finished piece in Stockwell, a majestic Barn Owl flying through the night sky. Placed up with support from London Calling Blog.


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