New Ludo Street Art Around East London

A few weeks back saw the first visit to London from French Street Artist Ludo in some three years in which he took the time to place up some four outstanding large-scale hand painted paste-up creations, two of which we were able to find and share with you here. Each of the works placed up present Ludo’s trademark style of grey-scale main subjects infused with that distinct vibrant green prevalent in his works and certainly are a pleasure to see after such a long time in London.


The first work we found from Ludo and as to be expected quite the thought provoking subject matter on display, with this hand grenade wearing a smiley face and wishing one to “Have a nice day” being born from the plant it inhabits. Presenting a juxtaposition between the calm of nature and the havoc of mankind controlled by the weaponry they deploy.



The second work we found by Ludo in Hackney, and our favourite of the pair, with another image presenting the contrast between beauty and savagery again in the context of nature vs mankind, with this rose tinted knuckle duster, perhaps one should always beware what is presented to them as at a glance it may be rose-tinted.


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