New Ketones6000 Street Art Around East London

Over the last month or so London has been fortunate enough to receive a prolonged visit from Australian Street Artist Ketones6000, who has thus far taken the time to hit up a few works around London, with the two pieces placed up recently around Brick Lane providing the focus of this post. Creating scenes incorporating beautiful grey-scale portraiture – in these instances of women – and the natural world such as the surrounding flowers. Very much a beautiful pair of works and an artist we are delighted to hear is residing in London for the foreseeable future so we eagerly anticipate what else this artist will leave around town in the coming months.


Striking work in Pedley Street, Brick Lane, put up with support from Monoprixx Not Banksy Forum.





Soulful work in Braithwaite Street, Shoreditch, put up with support from Quaker Street Cafe.


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