New Sr. X Street Art In Camden Town

Over the last month or so Street Artist Sr. X has been out and about around Camden Town to place up a pair of fun-fueled works created through a mixture of stencil and free-hand techniques. An artist whose output we admire and very much with a style of his own which sets to subvert the norms and traditional ideals with those all so humorous and at times dark twists that are very much exemplify Sr. X’s sense of sharp wit and fun, criticizing the over-abundance of pop culture and values it sets to install on society from above. Both of these works were put up with support from The Real Art of Street Art.


‘Electric Lava Love’ a rather surreal yet warm work fueled with a sense of soulful sense of the bizarre. This work can be found along Kentish Town Road, Camden Town.




The key detail of this now hidden work in Hawley Mews -depicting the original Batman & Robin scaling the side of a building.

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