New Trafik Mural In Brick Lane

Last month saw Graffiti writer Traik take to the large wall along Pedley Street just off of Brick Lane to lay out this incredible work as part of a fundraiser Paint Jam around the Nomadic Community Gardens ahead of last weekends main Meeting of Styles event (which we attended and will be sharing with you as soon as the feature wall is complete). Certainly one of the stand out pieces thus far for 2017’s Street Art around London with Trafik’s formidable scene depicting a chimpanzee deliberating over a game of chess in which no opponent is visible. Painted to striking black and white palette what commands the most about respect with this work however is the way Trafik painted this three-story wall on a ladder purely with a mini-roller and some black and white paint, most impressive.






One comment on “New Trafik Mural In Brick Lane

  1. Very impressive mural by Trafik… A gem for 2017….. The mural took him quite a few sessions to complete including painting over large tagging during it’s conception. I spoke to Trafik during one of his painting sessions with his roller in hand!!! Very nice guy to talk to is Trafik. Good photos by the way on a wall that can be a bit tricky to snap! Well worth checking this one out!!!!

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