New Pyramid Oracle Street Art Around Brick Lane

A couple of weeks back saw a Brooklyn based Street Artist Pyramid Oracle embark on a whistle-stop visit through London where he left us with four of his superb and intensely detailed hand-painted paste-ups around Brick Lane. Shunning the attention one receives whilst painting on the streets and the most part, though not exclusively, Pyramid Oracle prefers to hand paint his works in the studio then find a suitable location for them to reside. The effect of which is striking, intricate and immersed with symbolic dynamics pertaining to views on the human spirit and the natural world around it, with every piece telling a story.


Work in Commercial Street.


Work in Fashion Street.



Work in Calvin Street and by far our favourite from his recent visit, so absorbing and strong a subject.



Collaboration with string-based artist Perspicere in the Nomadic Community Gardens.



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