New Run Street Art In Dulwich

A little while back saw a pair of fresh works added to the premises of the Dulwich Picture Gallery on the hoardings surrounding their recently installed and opened Dulwich Pavilion by Street Artists Phlegm and Run, of which it is Run’s delightful transient addition to the Dulwich Outdoor Gallery we wish to share with you here.

In keeping with the motif of the Baroque The Streets Project, in association with the Dulwich Picture Gallery, in which all murals placed up for this project are all set to take inspiration from a painting hanging in the Dulwich Picture Gallery. This piece by Run was inspired by ‘The Last Communion of Saint Francis’ accredited to Agostino Caracci and initially inspired by a now destroyed fresco formerly in the church o St Angelo in Milan and crafted by Camillo Procacinni. Presenting a scene inspired by Saint Francis who gave up all his wealth to pursue a life or religious fulfilment and enlightenment which Run has all so masterfully recreated in his own sense of surrealism and so full of movement, that is just pure Run. Unfortunately this work is no longer on display, but to us that makes all the more reason to share with you.







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