New Phlegm Street Art In Dulwich

P1850383.JPGA little while back saw a pair of fresh works added to the premises of the Dulwich Picture Gallery on the hoardings surrounding their recently installed and opened Dulwich Pavilion by Street Artists Run and Phelgm, of which it is Phelgm’s delightful transient addition to the Dulwich Outdoor Gallery we wish to share with you here.

Phlegm whose images depict gothic characters who generally inhabit scenarios between the Dark Ages and the Age of Enlightenment, creating his monochrome world. In this instance Phlegm has created a scene in which mankind and its structured world have been consumed by nature, such as portraying the various houses with a series of well established trees growing through and bursting out of the houses within. Certainly an intriguing work from an incredible artist. Unfortunately this work is no longer on display, but to us that makes all the more reason to share with you.











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