New Lora Zombie Street Art In Camden Town

A few weeks saw Russian Street Artist Lora Zombie visit London leaving us with three fantastic works around Camden Town, all laid out in a striking painterly style and depicting subjects in her rich grunge aesthetic, setting to infuse a juxtaposition of the ugly and beautiful, the calm and the violent, or even a sense of the loss of innocence. Lora Zombie’s works are absorbing and it has certainly been a pleasure to see her visit London so recently, we for one hope she returns soon.


Such beautiful soulful work in Stucley Place and put up with support from Monoprixx, Not Banksy Forum Olly Studio





Striking and superbly placed work along Camden High Street put up with support from Not Banksy Forum Olly Studio




Beautiful work in Miller Street, presenting such a stark contrast to the other two works Lora Zombie left recently in Camden Town. This work was put up with support from Monoprixx, Not Banksy Forum Olly Studio





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