New Zabou Street Art Around London – January 2017

Well here we are again taking a look at the latest creations from Zabou, one of London’s most prolific artists, with her first pair of new works in 2017 about London, with one in East London and one in North London. We always love seeing Zabou’s works about town, fueled with such humour, warmth or rebellion guaranteed to elicit a range of responses and these two fresh additions to London don’t disappoint.


‘Little Punk‘ placed up rather aptly in Camden Town, with a design inspired by a photograph by London based photographer Derek Ridger of a Skinhead girl taken in 1981. A subject very suiting to Zabou’s spirit and very well executed also. This work can be found in Hawley Street, Camden Town, and was put up with support from The Real Art Of Street Art.





Great collaborative work by Zabou & Koeone placed up along Hackney Road and featuring a style prevalent in Koeone’s work but on this occasion with Zabou painting the grey-scale portrait to accompany the contrasting colourful typography filling the space of the subjects hair or headwear.





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