New Dotmasters Street Art In Penge

We are delighted to be sharing this series of works here as we take a look at the series of four stencil works Dotmasters put up in Penge for our SprayExhibition20 community project, with three works placed up along Maple Road and the fourth being put up in St Johns Road. We would like to say thanks to the three different sets of kind owners for allowing us to get Dotmasters to add something so fun and intriguing to their properties. We also would like to offer a big thanks to Dotmasters for coming down to add these delightful works – all created from hand-cut stencils we might add – which really adds some character to the spaces they adorn and making such great use of some of the smaller spots we have been offered about town.


Dotmasters at work on his first work of the day.


Dotmasters first addition to Penge with this poorly photographed stencil of a Cuckoo Clock.


Dotmasters at work on his second work of the day.


‘Rude Kids’ addition to Penge.


Dotmasters at work on his third work of the day.


Too cold for ice cream this day, Dotmasters third addition to Penge.


Works tucked away along Maple Road.


Dotmasters at work in the dark being aided with torchlight from Street Art Atlas – whom we would like to offer a massive thank you for helping us manage to get this piece finished. 


Penge’s fourth and final addition from Dotmasters with this excellent pile of rubbish left in front of the door. This intricate work was constructed with the use of some 20 stencils. 


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