New Lost Souls Street Art ‘The Ghost Of Christmas Fun’ In Camden Town

Here we have a work that was placed up a few weeks back, but we thought it would be more appropriate to save and share it now, namely this festive themed work entitled ‘The Ghost Of Christmas Fun’ by the Lost Souls in Camden Town. This time last year the Lost Souls painted a Christmas piece on this same spot, on that occasion minus Captain Kris, and on this occasion minus Si Mitchell, leaving Squirl, SPZero76 and Captain Kris to create something full of winter fueled fun and shenanigans, executed in the distinctly fun way that is just very much pure Lost Souls. You can view our post on the Christmas mural the Lost Souls put together on this same spot in Camden Town in our post (covered here). This was was put up with support from Monoprixx Not Banksy Forum and can be found in Stucley Place, Camden Town.




Work by Squirl.


Work by SPZero76.


Work by Captain Kris.


Thought not presenr to paint his wall the fourth Lost Souls member Si Mitchell was not forgotten with this little snowman character added to the scene by SPZero76 on his behalf.





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