New Lost Souls Street Art In Camden Town

On Monday and Tuesday the Lost Souls Crew, comprising SPZero76, Si Mitchell & Squirl, and on this occasion missing the fourth Lost Soul Captain Kris, added the newest work to the regularly changing wall on Stucley Road, Camden. Never one to disappoint, the Lost Souls entered the festive spirit and the trio opted for a piece full of winter fueled fun and shenanigans, executed in the distinctly fun way that is just very much pure Lost Souls.

As is typical with all Lost Souls works there is a lot going on in this piece with Si Mitchell’s first character set cheekily weeing in the snow – but censored, angry snowmen, yellow snow, a snowball fight and even a secret romance with Squirl’s male character in the centre of the piece looking toward the girl he yearns for. Captain Kris may have been absent but the other Lost Souls were sure to include him in the festivities.

Sorry to be replacing the fantastic previous work from Ador & Semor (covered here), the trio decided to leave the top of the previous piece depicting Queen Elizabeth, then photobombing a Street Art tour, now watching the scene below. While it was a shame to see the Ador & Semor work go, but such is the ephemeral and transient nature of Street Art, it is great that it is has been replaced by a superb piece and equally fun filled work at its heart.

This l was put up with support from The Hidden Streets Of London and Monoprixx and adorns the wall of Nemesis Tattoos in Stucley Place, Camden.



SPZer076 at work.


Si Mitchell at work.


Squirl at work.


SPZer076 & Si Mitchell at work.


SPZer076 at work.


Si Mitchell at work.


The fantastic finished piece set to capture the seasonal spirit, with an old Captain Kris work on the shutter to the right and Ador’s Queen on top peeking in to the winter realm below. 




Si Mitchell’s first character, set cheekily weeing in the snow, but don’t panic, Si Mitchell has pixelated out the naughty bits.


Squirl’s first character, the boy in the underlying love story in the work.


A tribute to the absent Captain Kris in the form of a Captain Snowman.



Detail of SPZero’s main character, dressed in festive garb.


Krampus eating yellow snow by SPZero76.


Squirl’s second character, the girl in the underlying love story in the work.


Si Mitchell’s second character, with a rather irate looking snowman.

3 comments on “New Lost Souls Street Art In Camden Town

  1. Nice Christmas artwork to end the year… Just like to thank you for producing an outstanding London street art blog this year and to wish you and your readers and all the street artist a very happy merry Christmas…!!!

    • Thanks Mitch, for one of the nicest compliments we have received here, too kind. We are exceptionally glad you have enjoyed the work we have been doing here. We hope you have had a Merry Christmas along with al our readers!!!

  2. I walk past this wall every day and I now have quite a collection of photographs of different art work. Pleasure to go to work in the morning!

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