New HNRX Street Art In The East End

Over the last ten or so days London received a return visit from Austrian Street Artist HNRX having visited London last December (covered here) and returning to the capital in order to work his own brand of comic-surrealism sets to transmit a sense of fun and joy, keeping his work free of political or social statements, he sets to merely present a surreal scene of humour or love, as is depicted in the common themes of the sausage. As is the case we have seen plenty of pics from this artist who embarks to paint non-stop anywhere he can whilst over, but we have sighted some half-a-dozen works around Brick Lane and Shoreditch that we will share below and update when we no doubt stumble upon more pieces from HNRX’s latest visit.


HNRX at work in Allen Gardens.


Delightful work in Allen Gardens.



Work in Star Yard.



Work in Grimsby Street.


Work in Grimsby Street, certainly our favourite that we have seen from this visit.



Works on the corner of Curtain Road & Great Eastern Street, Shoreditch.



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