New Anthea Missy Street Art ‘The Infinite of Us’In Shoreditch

On Monday this week Street Artist Anthea Missy fleetingly passed through London for the day and set to paint the whole of the Shoreditch Art Wall in that time frame. Anthea Missy paints abstract pieces which present an amorphic and organic construction of colour and shapes not found in nature. Anthea Missy sets to do this as she feels with such an overwhelming abundance of technological capability in the use of computers and cameras it is so easy now to capture perfect and highly realistic images of virtually anything, so she sets to paint the unrealistic the abnormal. Often using multiple shades of several core colours, on this occasion Anthea Missy in her piece entitled ‘The Infinite of Us’  has set a contrast between the harsh dark black on the left and the soft pastel colours on the right which have more cohesion, yet the black section is permeated by the amorphic shapes that appear to give life to the work. This work is only up until Sunday evening, so if you are in London over the weekend and wanna see it, be quick.





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