Lord Napier Pub In Hackney Wick Gets A Street Art Makeover

It’s being quite a while since we have been out and about lately and even longer since we last made a visit to Hackney Wick, so needless to say we were delighted upon our most recent jaunt to the area to discover several fantastic collaboration works from a multitude of artists, and especially for the fresh reworking the Lord Napier pub right beside the Hackney Wick Overground station has received a couple of weeks ago. Featuring works from a multitude of artists, many we weren’t sure of – so please feel free to let us know of any names we have missed – including: Mobstr, Malarky, Mighty Mo, Sweet Toof, Dscreet, Edwin, Donk & Xenz and curated by Aida Wilde. Leaving no space untouched and presenting spray paint, characters, typography, stencils, paste-ups there really is something for everyone and so much going on across this building, which very much needed a face-lift having not being worked cohesively since the Hackney Wicked Festival in 2014.

For more on this work and the history of this spot as a Street Art canvas check out this fantastic post by Tanya Nash Photography at “Notice What You Notice…” (covered here).





So much to take in on this refreshed spot, but hands down our favourite element is Mobstr’s commentary “Meanwhile In East London, Lunatics Decorate A Building…”


Superb caged birds with work from Xenz.




Fantastic installation piece from the one & 0nly Mobstr.


Central figure of work by Mighty Mo & Sweet Toof.


Mass of paste-ups from several artists but most noticeably by Donk. 




3 comments on “Lord Napier Pub In Hackney Wick Gets A Street Art Makeover

  1. Hiya

    Great post as usual, but just wanted to point out that the ‘Sweet Toof’ piece was actually painted by Mighty Mo, who told me that Burning Candy Crew sometimes copy in work by the other members who aren’t able to make it there…

    All the best, Paul


    • When or if it ever reopens lets just hope the new owners keep the artwork as a USP. Love a bit of colour……….

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