New Dan Witz Street Art In The East End

Playing catch up again her with a couple of installation paintings by visiting US artist Dan Witz placed up on his recent visit to London a month or so back. Placing his works on the city’s red telephone boxes, setting to integrate subtly and seamlessly with the public sphere in a manner that will highlight the presence of his subjects, combined with the fact that most people won’t even notice it.

Dan Witz has visited London a few times in the past, and then as now, focused his work on his beliefs and pursuit of social activism, on this occasion inspired in response to the recent terror attacks around Europe. Each piece presents a distortion of the senses through perspective and effect and in both cases that we have seen feature a person of a marginalized ethnic or religious background and both in the process of spiritual discourse and belief, creating such soulful painterly scenes which exude a sense of peace and tranquility.


Excellent work installed along Cambridge Heath Road in Bethnal Green.





Striking work placed up along Hackney Road.


Featuring a young girl wearing a Hijabi in the act of prayer, the scene is just so peaceful and absorbing.



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