New Zabou Street Art ‘Cabinet Of Curiosity’ In Whitechapel

It’s been a mere three weeks since we last had some fresh works from this artist to see and share here with you, however over the course of Sunday and Monday Street Artist Zabou set to Whitechapel in order to add some more of her own brand of fun and beauty to London’s streets. The old-fashioned styled piece created through a mixture of stencil and freehand techniques is entitled  ‘Cabinet of Curiosity’ and takes us back to the Victorian era, a time when wealthy members of society attempted to collect the world, the more distant, obscure and bizarre the better. So that’s what this piece offers with a Victorian gentleman peering through a magnifying glass and surrounded by a series of ‘curiosities’ including skulls, a taxidermy owl, books, chests and concoctions. However what defines this work as distinctly Zabou’s is the interactive dynamic created by the hand free of the magnifying glass reaching out of the wall set to pluck something or even someone from the street, never one missing the chance to make her art engage with its immediate surroundings. This work can be found in New Goulston Street, Whitechapel.


Zabou at work.


Zabou at work.


The fantastic finished piece.









Works by Jimmy C, 616 & Zabou.

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