New Dan Kitchener & Otto Schade Street Art Collaboration ‘Urban Jungle’ In Plaistow

Over the course of Friday and Saturday Street Artists Dan Kitchener and Otto Schade got together to paint a most interesting and exceptional large-scale collaboration mural in Newham. Collaboration in Street Art for us is one of the most impressive things within the scene, something you don’t see in most other art forms and certainly not to such an extent. With this in mind what you tend to see are two different types of collaboration, the ones were both artists have complimentary styles and the works fuse together as one harmonious piece, and those which are comprised of completely differing styles and yet still hold it together. When pulled off this is often the more impressive type to see, which is completely the case here, presenting a stunning juxtaposition of styles with Dan Kitchener’s loose and fluid scenes and the precise intricacy of Otto Schade’s ribbon creations. To be honest upon hearing about this work set to take place we were rather unsure how these two artists would blend their styles, however upon seeing it we couldn’t have been more impressed by how harmoniously the two diverse styles fuse.

Deciding to enthuse Otto Schade’s passion for painting endangered animals in his trademark ribbon style with one of Dan Kitchener’s distinct  liquid lights cityscape scenes setting to make a surreal depiction of how mankind and civilization encroaches upon the natural world forcing animals away from the natural home. So the piece aptly entitled ‘Urban Jungle’ presents a entirely freehand ribbon Tiger from Otto Shade sat amid Dan Kitchener’s neon scenary, on this occasion The City Of London, with St Marys Axe (aka The Gherkin) in the distant background. This is the first collaboration we have seen from either artist and the piece is just incredible with so much to take in upon viewing, truly an excellent fusion of styles and we just love the all round surreal nature of the painting.

This stunning work can be found at the corner of Holbrook Road and Plaistow Road and was put up with support Vikt Photography after 18 months or negotiating with the council to get this project implemented, we look forward to future developments in the area and for now an exceptional well done to artists and organizer alike.


Dan Kitchener at work.


Dan Kitchener at work.


Dan Kitchener at work.


Dan Kitchener at work.


Dan Kitchener at work.


Dan Kitchener & Otto Schade at work.


Otto Schade at work.


Otto Schade at work.


Dan Kitchener at work.


Otto Schade at work.


The amazing finished piece, what an excellent collaboration.








Fantastic how the Tiger is set so perfectly facing the preexisting stained glass window featuring a bird on a branch, but set as if in a cage. This window will be lit up of a night time by the residents so sure to make an interesting sight of an evening.




Love the reflections of Otto’s tiger amid the rainy scene.



Also love how the pavement slabs continue into the piece.





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