New James Earley Street Art On Jealous Gallery Roof

It’s a new month and yet again the Jealous Gallery has a new piece on their roof’s feature wall as a part of the ongoing Jealous Rooftop Mural Project, which continues to just go from strength to strength as the months pass. On this occasion the work is from visiting Irish artist James Earley whose work predominantly focuses on  an abstract break down of the internal composition of the subject, often animals. For this rooftop piece James Earley has taken the abstract dynamic of his work a step further and really set to deconstruct the image further, portraying an image of a person laying down across the wall. Yet again we here at London Calling Blog were fortunate enough to be let up on the roof again by the kind staff of the Jealous Gallery and capture this piece to share with you all, so thank you again Jealous Gallery.







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