New Dan Kitchener Street Art ‘London Rush’ In Brick Lane

Last week over the course of three days from Wednesday to Friday the feature wall at the end of Hanbury Street in the Brick Lane area received its latest reworking with a fantastic ‘Liquid Lights’  work by Dan Kitchener entitled ‘London Rush’. Taking on this large section of wall single-handed is no easy task by a long way, but ultimately worth the effort when you see the finished result on the largest wall in the Brick Lane area. Created using a combination of spray paint and rollers for the high cascading city lights and structures, the sense of depth in this work is truly gripping, really making the viewer feel as if the could step into this wall and wander around this colourful and flowing depiction of an all so familiar setting.This excellent work was put up with support from BrickLane1.


Dan Kitchener at work.


Dan Kitchener at work.


The striking finished piece.







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