New Airborne Mark Street Art In South London

Over the last couple of weekend Street Artist Airborne Mark has been out and about around South London keeping himself busy working some of his ‘Origami Riots’ magic, with works in Leake Street and Tooting. Setting to Leake Street a couple of weeks ago, Airborne Mark set to create a delightful work featuring an origami pistol crafted from a $1 bill, creating an  effect which is intriguing and just absolutely crammed with intricate details that compliment the complexity of the focus on light and shadow in his works. Then last weekend we were fortunate enough to catch Airborne Mark as he was finishing up his fantastic Pig design in Tooting, depicted in his distinct grey-scale style showcasing the shadow and fold dynamic he creates to make his works pop off the wall. Something which is always a pleasure to gaze upon and really shows how meticulous he is in his works, and seemingly going from strength to strength with his output of late.

P1460671.JPGAirborne Mark at work in Tooting last Sunday.


Airborne Mark at work.


Job done, Airborne Mark posing in style with his work.


The superb finished origami pig, based on a design by Vietnamese origami master Hoàng Tiến Quyết. This work was put up with support from The Real Art of Street Art & Irony.





The fantastic ‘Counting Costs…$1USD’ in Leake Street two weekends ago.



You can view this video by Airborne Mark on the making of his Origami Pistol.

You can view this video by Airborne Mark on the making of his Origami Pig.

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