Pang’s ‘Haus Of Pang’ Exhibition

Well it has taken us a couple of weeks to process this post but we absolutely had to share this incredible exhibition by the one and only Pang with you. Very much an artist with her own style this outstanding exhibit showcases some two years worth of work from the artist and presents a total of some 57 works presenting a variety of styles and subjects which are all set to command your attention and capture your imagination.

Pang is very much one of the most original artists we see about London and also very much one of the more versatile as an artist, someone just as happy working with pencils, oils or spray paint, seemingly capable of making any surface her canvas. Something of which is evident in her current solo show, which is divided into two sections, with one room featuring an extensive collection of striking pencil drawings on wood panels, predominantly focusing on her interest and regular subject of choice, that of mass psychology and crowd behaviour. This room is like stepping into the archives of the British Museum, with pieces that could be from ancient Europe or the early North Americas at times, fueled by the number of scenes based on historical events and figures. The second room features a mixture of Pang’s more surreal creations as one can so often see whilst strolling around Hackney Wick and her standout ‘Miniature Asshole’ oil paintings which really have to be seen to be fully appreciated, again reflecting that classical style which Pang has honed so well, one could be looking upon these in the National Gallery or somewhere such as the Louvre.

It is such intensity in her work, be it the chronic detail and repetition of actions in her scenes or her perfect copies of the masters style in her ‘Miniature Asshole’ series that really exemplifies Pang’s output. Her personality is so strongly reflected in her works, with the contrast between wishing to take her art seriously and very much shattering that approach with her surreal and fun creations. Pang is very much one of our favourite Street Artists about London and this show certainly demonstrates why.

Not wishing to make excuses for our poor photos due to the lighting in this venue, but we would like to say that our pictures below really don’t do the subtle textures and layers of Pang’s work in this show justice.

The ‘Haus Of Pang’ Exhibition is currently on show at Koncept Music which can be found at 129 Kingsland High Street, Dalston, and runs until June 2nd. So if you are London based or bound and haven’t been already, be sure to head by and check out this spectacular series of works.


‘The New York City Police Riots’ – Pencils on Wood Panel.


‘Don’t Drink The Kool-Aid’ – Pencils on Wood Panel.



‘The Newgate Prison Riots’ – Pencils on Wood Panel.



‘The Battle of Hydaspes River’ – Pencils on Wood Panel.



‘The Nika River’ – Pencils on Wood Panel.


‘The Battle Between The Selves’ – Pencils on Wood Panel.


‘Portrait of Alexander The Great’ – Pencils on Wood Panel.



‘Too Many Kings’ – Pencils on Wood Panel.


‘A Time To Dance, A Time To Die’ – Pencils on Wood Panel.


‘Love At First Sight’ – Pencils on Wood Panel.



‘Sati’ – Pencils on Wood Panel.


‘The Battle of Dan-No-Ura’ – Pencils on Wood Panel.


‘Portrait of Joan of Arc’ – Pencils on Wood Panel.



‘Hammer of the Witches’ – Pencils on Wood Panel.


‘Oh But Stop. Why?’ – Posca Pens On Slate. 


Trio of Oil Paintings in her ‘Miniature Asshole’ series.


‘Miniature Asshole Mitsumasa’ – Oil Painting on Canvas.


‘Miniature Asshole Francesco’ – Oil Painting on Canvas.


‘Miniature Asshole Caravaggio’ – Oil Painting on Canvas.


‘Miniature Asshole Valesquez’ – Oil Painting on Canvas.

One comment on “Pang’s ‘Haus Of Pang’ Exhibition

  1. Great review of a utterly transfixing exhibition! I went to the private view and it was rammed with admirers of Pang’s fantastic artwork – she does have a style where there is something for everyone!

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