New Frankie Strand Street Art In Camden Town

Here we are taking a look at a work from one of London’s most prolific artists Frankie Strand, which was painted some six weeks back now, but we have been awaiting the removal of the scaffolding to get a clear view at this large scale work. Certainly the biggest wall Frankie Strand has undertaken as of yet and it’s great to see her use the space so effectively. Creating one of her flowing animal scenes it’s always interesting to see the contrast between the soft colours she uses and all so common scenes of death and decapitation that are depicted. This work which cascades up the face of the building features a flamboyance of Flamingos being attack by preying Crocodiles from below, capped off by the skeletons of fallen flamingos at floor level. This work can be found in Hartland Road, Camden Town, and was put up with support from The Real Art of Street Art.


Frankie Strand at work.


Frankie Strand at work.


Frankie Strand at work.


Frankie Strand at work.


The delightful finished piece.









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