New Seeds One & Trust Icon Graffiti & Street Art In North London

On Friday Graffiti Writer Seeds One and Street Artist Trust Icon, who have been working on some collaborative pieces in the studio of late, set out to a remote location trackside in North London to take a break and hit up a delightful pair of works in this hidden away and peaceful location.


Works by Seeds One & Trust Icon, sat below work from 616.


Work By Seeds One.


The work features some of Seeds One’s distinct & trademark funky letters accompanied by several of his mischievous and happy go luck worm characters to add a sense of fun to his warm and flowing lettering.


Work by Trust Icon.


Of the piece Icon stated “I traveled across London a few weeks back as i usually do when i noticed a large advertisement. I cannot recall what it was selling, but what stood out was the large 5ft black letters that were spread across the billboard spelling out “WTF”. now most of us know what this means right? So it occurred to me that the advertisers have said something they wasn’t allowed say without saying it”. So it is with this in mind Icon has created in true Icon-style, a spoof scene based on TV game show Countdown, with the letters on the board set to suggest, but not actually say, ‘Fuck Da Police’.

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