New Mobstr Street Art Installations In Brick Lane

Over the last week or two the Brick Lane area has provided the setting to a pair of exceptional interventions from an artist with a style and sense of humour very much his own. The works in question are by Mobstr, an artist who works with a combination of stencils and sarcastic comments set to challenge the manor in which people engage with and view public spaces. Mobstr’s interventions may take the form of feuds with the local authorities or seizing control of advertising spaces, but are always fueled by a cheeky sense of humour that is guaranteed to bring a smile to the face of even the biggest of Street Art cynics.


‘Yeah That’s You You Cunt’ etched on to a mirror providing the opportunity for passers-by to catch a glimpse of themselves framed by this intriguing caption, something which we had immense fun with and have seen countless people enjoying also since it’s installation in Sclater Street.



Work in Pedley Street hanging well out of reach reading ‘He Left Me Hanging While I Was Alone & High’. An excellent piece which is very much speaking from the art works perspective and very much telling it like it is.





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