New Ben Slow & Carl Cashman Street Art Collaboration In Camden Town

Over the last couple of weeks Street Artists Ben Slow and Carl Cashman have collaborated on a fantastic fusion of disparate styles in Camden Town. Placed up on the feature wall in Stucley Place which changes on a predominantly monthly basis, this is certainly a fantastic addition to the impressive works that have graced this wall in the last year and a half or so.

The pair make a great pairing to work together and this now makes the second time we have reported on a collaboration from this two, with the previous time being when they painted the Jealous Gallery Rooftop (covered here). The work makes for an interesting combination of portraiture and geometry, presenting Carl Cashman’s abstract creation forming the lower half of the piece and some of Ben Slow’s hyper-realistic grey-scale portraiture on top, made all the more striking for the contrast with Carl Cashman’s colourful scene. The work by Ben Slow features a portrait of the Home Secretary Theresa May peeking over the wall at passers-by and is set to make fun and draw attention to her role in pushing forward laws that will encroach on people’s privacy under the so-called ‘Snoopers Charter’. This work was put up with support from The Hidden Streets Of London and Monoprixx and adorns the wall of Nemesis Tattoos in Stucley Place, Camden.










Snooping away on this pair of unsuspecting passers-by.

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