Fanakapan’s ‘Inflation’ Exhibition Opens At BSMT Space.

Thursday night finally brought the opening of the widely anticipated first solo exhibition from Fanakapan at the BSMT Space, a show that certainly didn’t disappoint, exceeding all high expectations.

One of the most impressive artists on the scene, with a style of his own that he is continuously redefining – seemingly with every piece he creates, Fanakapan sets to push the boundaries of his visual masterpieces further in this show  Having taken the world by storm over the last year, being flown around the world to paint in places such as The United States, Malta, Hong Kong, Ibiza and most recently, Dubai, Fankapan is an artist very much an artist on the rise. This is something that is only fitting when one considers much of his output, hyper-realistic 3D creations of helium balloon based subjects that stop you in your tracks upon viewing, these subjects offering the maximum opportunity to demonstrate his superb use of shadow and reflective light highlights to make his works just pop of the surfaces they adorn in a full 3D effect. What stands out most about Fanakapan’s work on the street for us here at London Calling Blog is that beyond the immediate overwhelmingly impressive aesthetic dynamic, the pieces offer subtle hints to larger messages or reflect on acute elements of Fanakapan’s personality, something superbly reflected in this exhibition, exemplified in this exhibit with the excellent and witty ‘Nothingbutshitonthetelly’ piece. 

This show marks a culmination of a style Fanakapan has been persistently honing over the last 14-15 months, throwing in some interesting mediums to accompany the expected paintings, this exhibit through the presence of sculptures and a stained glass collaborations, Fanakapan has demonstrated another impressive dynamic to his artistic output on the streets. All round certainly a fantastic show, one that sets the bar for this year, fantastic work all round from Fanakapan and the BSMT Space, a superb gallery that is justifiably starting to make a great name for itself on the scene, as demonstrated by the packed out attendance on opening night, and one set to bring some impressive shows in the coming months also.


The BSMT Space can be found at 5 Stoke Newington Road and the ‘Inflation’ show runs until April 24th, so if you haven’t already, head along to see the great show for yourselves, you really won’t be disappointed.



‘Concrete Kiss’ – Spray Paint On Canvas.





‘Meh’ – Spray Paint On Canvas.


‘For Fuck Sake’ – Spray Paint On Canvas.



‘High 5’ – Stained Glass, collaboration with Annahita Hessami. 


Certainly one of the standout works, with the medium of stained glass superbly suiting the intricacy and beauty of Fanakapan’s work. This piece was created with a variety of mouth blown tatra and lamberts glass with hints of mirror, then fired in a kiln with black trace paint on clear water glass.




‘¥€$’ – Spray Paint, Monopoly and Resin on Canvas.


Really interesting to see Fanakapan make his balloons pop of a more broken up background than his predominant use of plain black or white backings. Additionally a piece that with just three characters says so much, with his anti-gentrification themed work.



‘Taking The Mickey’ – Spray Paint on Canvas.




This section of the exhibition superbly demonstrates the great thought Fanakapan takes to placing many of his works on the streets, with lower down the wall the ‘Nothingbutshitonthetelly’ work proclaiming ‘Shit’, which is in turn accompanied by two flies in the immediate vicinity. This trio of individual works are superbly displayed as a whole in this show.


Incredible how much life and presence these creations have, projected from their flat surface.


‘Fly On The Wall’ – Spray Paint & Paint Pen on Canvas.



‘Fly On The Wall’ – Spray Paint & Paint Pen on Canvas.


‘Nothingbutshitonthetelly’ – Spray Paint & Resin on TV. Certainly one of our favourite pieces in the show, a very interesting canvas exceptionally well articulated. A picture may paint a 1000 words, but Fanakapan summed it up in one.



‘T’ – Spray Paint & Tea on Canvas.


Another of our favourite works, a piece that is just very much ‘T’, no ifs ands or buts.




Some superb Led Balloon sculptures.



‘High Five’ – Spray Paint on Canvas.



All so often in Fanakapan’s works, it is the small and meticulous touches that really define his style. On this occasion this has taken the form of the reflection in the balloon of the person taking a photograph, seemingly preempting the very experience we had standing before this excellent piece and then setting to photograph it.


‘Toilet Selfie’ – Spray Paint & Acrylic on Canvas.



‘ – Spray Paint on Canvas. Our favourite single piece in the exhibition, with absolutely so much absorbing detail in the reflected image and subtle almost cosmic backdrop . just stunning.


8 comments on “Fanakapan’s ‘Inflation’ Exhibition Opens At BSMT Space.

  1. If ever caption bubbles were needed for super comments on this excellent artwork by Fanakapan then it’s now!!!! High flying art indeed by the artist..

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